Data Request Portal

For International Law Enforcement Agencies

Information for Law Enforcement Authorities

International Legal Process Requirements

We disclose available "account records", and/or but not limited to "disputed message sender's records" solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law. A Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request or letter rogatory may be required to compel the disclosure of the contents of an account.

Note: We will not review or respond to requests submitted by non-law enforcement officials.
Users aware of an emergency situation should immediately and directly contact local law enforcement officials.

Form of Requests

We will be unable to process overly broad or vague requests. All requests must identify requested records with particularity, including the specific data categories requested and date limitations for the request, as well as include:


Submission of Requests

If you are a law enforcement agent or emergency responder who is authorized to gather evidence in connection with an official investigation or in order to investigate an emergency involving the danger of serious physical injury or death, you may request records from Vibebo by querying through the provided email address below:
[email protected]

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