Anonymous Friendly Messages

Sending an anonymous friendly text is exciting, and your special message is safe with us! We make sure your message gets delivered quickly, simply, and safely. We are the most used anonymous text service in the US.

Vibebo is an interactive anonymous messaging app for everyone. If you are looking to send or receive Anonymous Friendly Messages from your loved ones, Vibebo is meant for just that.

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Create your friendly note (in a message)!

Back to your love story. Expressing your feelings in a text message has many benefits. Take a moment and think about it. A text message always looks the way you want it to. Nothing can go wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re nervous; your secret love won’t see your sweat. Just keep rewriting your text until it’s perfect for your loved one. We won't claim to be perfect but we have setup a few sample to aid you in composing your Anonymous Friendly Messages.

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